Google ads

Prices for separate services
Registering and setting up business accounts
The price is for 1 business account for Google
creation of creatives (images or videos)
In the style of the company. Price for 1 advertising campaign
Setting up 1 advertising campaign
The cost includes the creation of 1 advertising campaign to promote 1 product or group of products, or 1 service.
Working with audiences
The cost includes the creation of 1 audience for retargeting or 1 audience for look-a-like, or other purposes.
Installing a tracker with 1 event
Installation through a tag manager with tracking of 1 key action
Promotion development
Studying competitors and creating a unique promotional offer beneficial to you and customers. Helps attract more customers
Advertising campaign management
The cost includes work with bids, strategy adjustments and advertising campaign support.
Complex management of 1 google ads account
15% discount when signing a contract for 6 months
€1200 / month
Suitable for small and medium companies. The price includes all works for advertising on Google Ads.
Includes a maximum of 3 ad campaigns per month
€2000 / month
Suitable for medium and large companies. The price includes all works for advertising on Google Ads.
No limit for ad campaigns
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